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By Jan Dirk Blom

ISBN-10: 1441912223

ISBN-13: 9781441912220

A Dictionary of Hallucinations is designed to function a reference guide for neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychiatric citizens, psychologists, neurologists, historians of psychiatry, basic practitioners, and teachers dealing professionally with ideas of hallucinations and different sensory deceptions.

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Muscaria can be administered either orally or via the lungs, through smoking. As the urine of the Amanita eater also has hallucinogenic properties, up to five persons can benefit from a single ingested mushroom – provided that they are prepared to drink each other’s urine in a serial manner. When consumed in small quantities, A. muscaria is said to have stimulating properties that allow for exceptional physical performances. This thesis has been debated, however, by authors who state that the effects of A.

Primary Psychiatry, 13, 22–26. G. (1999). Penicillin psychosis in later life: Hoigne’s syndrome revis- 28 Anti-hallucinatory System A ited. Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 11, 517–518. Anticholinergic Hallucinogen A term that is sometimes used as a synonym for true hallucinogen and ∗ deliriant. Within the group of biologically active alkaloids, for example, various substances are classified as anticholinergic hallucinogens. , Wink, M. (1998). Alkaloids. Biochemistry, ecology, and medicinal applications.

H. (1992). Psychiatric effects of androgenic and anabolicandrogenic steroid abuse in men: A brief review of the literature. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 6, 20–26. Anaesthesia Also written as anesthesia. The term anaesthesia comes from the Greek noun anaisthèsia, which means numbness. In a broad sense, it refers to a loss or impairment of sensitivity to stimuli in any 24 Analgesia A of the sensory modalities. As a rule, however, the term is used in a more restricted sense, to denote a loss or impairment of sensitivity to stimuli in the somatosensory modality.

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