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286-305). ) The ark landed on Mt. Ararat which is on the Phrygian mainland (Or. Sib. i. 309-310). ) Noah was commanded to come forth with his family and to render justice until judgment comes to all (Or. Sib. i. 317-323). Noah, the most just of all men, the eighth mem­ ber of the party, was the last to leave the ark. ) He had been on the 1 2 3 4 5 6 *) ev pftjflaiv ivl dc8u|rf)Toioi; cf. iii. " 2 ) For a similar artistic representation of the ark, see infra, pp. 1 6 1 - 1 6 2 . ) The biblical order of the birds is reversed.

9 (ANF. 8. 760), allegorizes the phrase to imply God's delight in the prayers and works of the saints. ) For additional references to the rainbow, see Victorinus, Comm. Ap. 4. 3 (CSEL. 4 9 . 4 8 ) ; Ephraem, Nisibene Hymns 1. 2 (NPNF. ser. ii. 1 3 . 167), sings of the bow and the cross as God's two great signs. -Tertullian, Ap. I, Sodoma 1 (PL. 2 . 1 1 0 1 B), poetically comments on the colors of the bow. ) Passing allusions to the fact of blessing are to be found in Tobit 4 : 1 2 ; Jub. , Recog.

1 4 : 1 4 , 20 is carried further in the Apocrypha Sirach proposes to "praise famous m e n . . whose deeds of righteousness have not been forgotten . . " In the proposed list, Noah stands between Enoch and Abraham: Noah was found perfect and righteous; in the time of wrath he was taken in exchange; ) therefore a remnant was left to the earth when the flood came. ) Everlasting covenants were made with him that all flesh should not be blotted out by a flood (Sir. 44:17). 'Benj. 1 0 : 6 ) / A unique turn is given to Noah's righteousness by Tobit'when he niakes Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all examples of men who took wives of their kinsmen (Tobit 4:12).

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