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L. VAN DER KUDP quoted in H. EIMER (1986) p. " There is, however, some question as to which A kya sprul sku was his disciple. VAN DER KUIJP hypothesizes that it was A kya Ye ées skal bzan mkhas grub rgya mtsho (1817-1869), whereas DAMDINSÜREN opts for Bio bzang 'jam dbyahs rgya mtsho (1768-1816). Our thanks to Dr. EIMER for providing us with his article. F. "52 So, we see that this author had no compunctions about including past forms as act-qua-thing-done (bya ba'i las), and hence as other; in addition he clearly specifies that tîie imperative is to be understood as showing act-qua-doing.

INTRODUCIION 29 2 Tshe ten zabs dnin's list of the major commentaries on the Sum cu pa and rTags kyi 'jug pa In what follows we have tried to give some bibliographical indications on the vast corpus of Tibetan grammatical literature by presenting the titles of the Sum cu pa and rTags kyi 'jug pa (sum rtags) commentaries as found in chapter III of Tshe ten £abs drun's Gans can bod kyi brda sprodpa'i bstan bcos sum cu pa dan rtags jug gi rnam gzag rgya cher bsad pa thon miï zal tun. The chapter bears the title: "Some renowned older and modern commentaries on the Sum [cu pa and] rtags [kyi jug pay.

One and the same form, then, can present two logical interpretations and two concomitant aspects of the same action. For one and the same form, the tense will vary according to which term, self or other, is being considered. e. a function of which term is being envisaged, self or other. The morphology of verbs, then, must consist in specifying a tense for a particular voice or vice versa... "'*5 Now, first of all "one and same form" (une même forme) cannot present two different interpretations of the same action.

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