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By William Varner

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This paintings offers the texts and translations of 3 historical Jewish-Christian dialogues: The discussion of Athanasius and Zacchaeus (Greek, 4th c.); The discussion of Simon and Theophilus (Latin, fifth c.); and The discussion of Timothy and Aquila (Greek, sixth c.). this is often the 1st released translation of every of those texts. An advent discusses the context of those dialogues within the "Contra Judaeos" literature of the early church and likewise explores the query of whether they signify any real dialogue among Jews and Christians and in addition what reasons those dialogues served. cautious cognizance has been made to the dialogues' use of the Bible, in particular the outdated testomony, in furthering the dialogue concerning the Messiah. To this finish a accomplished Scriptural Index encourages larger comparative learn of those dialogues. it's the translator's function to reveal those works, which were the fear of a small circle of concentrated students, to a much wider scholarly viewers and to inspire better research of them and their function within the historical past of Jewish Christian kin.

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Athanasius said: Do not be in a hurry! But let us search with meekness and fear, having a good conscience. Zacchaeus said: How are you able to show that Wisdom is the Messiah? Athanasius said: Do you generally agree that God made all things by Wisdom? Zacchaeus said: Thus it is written. 8. Athanasius (said): Wisdom itself is also said to be his Logos, as the prophet says: The heavens were founded by the word of the Lord (Ps. 32:6). " Athanasius said: Awhile ago did you acknowledge that the Wisdom is the Logos to whom He said: Let us make man according to our image and likeness as being the image of the archetype?

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Cxl; 't~ ylXO'tp~, 'lTciV't1X 0 'tEXVL'tTJI; 6tcwOllEi, OLIXOW{EL, 'tEAEaLOUPYEi: 24. ZaKXIXLO<;: Kcxi ~ OocjlLIX 'tOU 9Eou, bTl yfjt; r:Jtp8rf, , A8avMLO<;: Kcxi. 'tL ~Evoii' ciKOUeL~ 'tou tEPEIlLOU leyoV'tO<;' ovrat; 6 ~ ,pcJv' 06 10YLo9tfqffal €r€pat; tr~ aUrav. JIK. lmZ raiira etri rik yfjt; cJtpeq, Kai roE, dvep6itrOl' aVavwrpdrprf, 25. cXt; 'tou pcxpOUX, LVIX yv4i<; I(IXL 'lTELa9EL~ on yeypcxmlXL: ZlxKXIXLO<;: otoo on Ell IXlrrfI 't'fi E1TLO'tolfl yeypcxmlXL, ciU' oUte Ell 't4i tEPEIlL~: , A8avciaLO<;: •IEPEIlLcu; llE'teX "=ou PcxpouX KIX\.

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