Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming - download pdf or read online

By Jeffrey Richter

The Microsoft® .NET Framework permits builders to fast construct strong, safe ASP.NET internet types and XML internet provider functions, home windows® kinds purposes, instruments, and kinds. discover all approximately its universal language runtime and methods to leverage its energy to construct, package deal, and install any form of software or part. utilized MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMING is perfect for a person who knows object-oriented programming strategies equivalent to facts abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. The ebook conscientiously explains the extensible variety process of the .NET Framework, examines how the runtime manages the habit of sorts, and explores how an program manipulates varieties. whereas concentrating on C#, it provides suggestions acceptable to all programming languages that concentrate on the .NET Framework.

Topics coated include:

  • The .NET Framework structure
  • Building, packaging, deploying, and administering functions and their varieties
  • Building and deploying shared assemblies
  • kind basics
  • Primitive, reference, and price forms
  • Operations universal to all items
  • Type participants and accessibility
  • Constants, fields, tools, homes, and occasions
  • operating with textual content
  • Enumerated forms and bit flags
  • Array kinds
  • Interfaces
  • Custom attributes
  • Delegates
  • Error dealing with with exceptions
  • Automatic reminiscence administration
  • AppDomains and mirrored image
  • Includes assurance of C#

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H headerfile. Table 2-1 describes som e ofthe m ore com m on definition tables thatexistin a m odule’s m etadata block. The entry includes the m odule’s filenam e and extension (w ithoutpath)and a Table 2-1:C om m on D efinition M etadata Tables M etadata D efinition Table N am e D escription m odule version ID (in the form ofa G U ID created by the com piler). H ow ever,renam ing a file is strongly discouraged and can preventthe C LR from locating an assem bly atruntim e— don’tdo this. ) and points to the m ethods itow ns in the M ethodD eftable,the fields it ow ns in the FieldD eftable,the properties itow ns in the PropertyD ef table,and the eventitow ns in the EventD eftable.

M any languages referto assem bly as internal. C # refers to fam ily or assem bly as protected internal. Public The m ethod is callable by any code in any assem bly. In fact,you w on’teven need to learn the C TS rules per se since the language you choose w illexpose its ow n language syntax and type rules in the sam e w ay you’re fam iliar w ith today and w illm ap the language-specific syntax into the “language” ofthe C LR w hen item its the m anaged m odule. Sure,the syntax you use for defining this type is differentdepending on the language you choose,but the behaviorofthe type w illbe absolutely identicalregardless ofthe language because the C LR ’s C TS defines the behaviorofthe type.

As you’llsee,Iuse ILD asm quite a bit m ore in this book. O f course,as an application grow s,itw illreuse m ostofits types and references to other types and assem blies,causing the m etadata and header inform ation to shrink considerably as com pared to the overallsize ofthe file. They also describe the assem bly’s version,culture,publisher, publicly exported types,and allthe files thatcom prise the assem bly. H ere are som e characteristics ofassem blies thatyou should rem em ber: An assem bly defines the reusable types.

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