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By Harish Johari

ISBN-10: 0892814896

ISBN-13: 9780892814893

Ayurvedic Massage is the 1st publication at the topic, and the 1st new therapeutic massage remedy brought to the West in view that shiatsu. one of many oldest structures of medication on the planet, Ayurveda perspectives the man or woman as in detail hooked up with the surroundings and all different existence kinds. Ayurvedic therapeutic massage works on either the actual and psychological degrees, transmitting a life-giving strength that assists all structures of the physique to fix and renew themselves. Practitioners be aware of the marmas, sophisticated strength issues that reply to mild actual manipulation, and paintings with the desires of the several physique forms.

The writer publications either the amateur and skilled practitioner via every one step within the complete physique therapeutic massage and explains which oils paintings most sensible for specific physique types.

•   contains therapeutic massage concepts for expectant moms and their babies.
•   Outlines ideas and ordinary treatments for treating particular problems, together with arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, and insomnia.
•   deals a whole advisor to the conventional forty-day beauty care as practiced in India, and contains recipes for therapeutic massage oils, facial lotions, and beautifying clay baths.

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