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By Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

ISBN-10: 1453294309

ISBN-13: 9781453294307

The Bears get a brand new neighbor . . . with a truly powerful smell!

When the woodchucks round the corner movement out in their burrow, Sister and Brother undergo can't wait to fulfill their new friends. that's, until eventually they discover that they're going to be dwelling round the corner to the stinkiest animal there is—a skunk!

Although the youngsters are get rid of by way of Mr. Skunk's robust scent, Mama undergo insists they be type to their white-striped new buddy. As they assist him repair up the outdated woodchuck burrow, Sister and Brother endure study that skunks are not any diverse from anyone else. and they'd even locate that there are merits to having a skunk on their part.

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