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Easy and complex grips and strikes together with dynos, manteling, bumping, backstepping, and the figure-four achieve. With conditioning and coaching innovations and an insider's examine easy methods to compete and win.

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After your next move, you're up even higher, which can be intimidating. Learning to fall under control will give you the confidence to go on. How to Spot. The spotter should always have both arms up and both feet solidly on the ground. He should always be moving to where he thinks the climber will land if he comes off the rock. Spotters don't necessarily have to camp out directly below the climber; if the climber is leaning left while doing a hard move, the spotter must move left of the climber's body while keeping an eye on his head.

Cold muscles are more likely to get cramped, strained, or sore. Or to fail when you need them most. Some climbers start stretching right away, believing that stretching is a good way to get warm. They're wrong. Cold stretching can damage muscles and tendons. It's best to ease into a workout with a full-body warm-upslow jogging, Tools of the trade: climbing shoes and a chalk bag. Page 10 stationary cycling, or light aerobicsfor at least five minutes. When you break a light sweat, you know you're warm and ready to go.

Cm.  Rock climbing.  Bensman, Bobbi.  Title.  Series. 52'23DC21 97-25955 CIP Page v Contents 1. My Story 1 2. Moving on the Rock 9 3. More Moves 22 4. Preparing to Climb 35 5. Competing 59 6. Climbing Safely 64 7. Ethics 74 Glossary 81 Page vii Acknowledgments A special thanks to my mother and father for all their love and support. And to my brother, Todd, a professional journalistthanks for the encouragement to write this book. And to Dale Bard, Mari Gingery, and Jimmy Surette for showing me the light.

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