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By Lieping Chen

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The immune procedure has developed largely to let organisms to withstand microbial an infection. Microorganisms have lengthy been used as experimental instruments by way of immunologists, and the research of the immune responses to viruses, affliction and micro organism has contributed a lot to our realizing of simple immunological mechanisms. the main sensible and scientific purposes for trying to comprehend the immunology of infections and sickness revolves round the CD137 and CD137/41BB receptor and ligand molecules. those basic antibodies include new pathway and play important roles within the keep an eye on of immune responses. in recent times, this pathway is rising as one for crucial goals for manipulation of immune responses for sickness prognosis and therapy.

Dr. Chen chanced on the CD-137 and B7H1 molecules in 1999 and his lab lately pointed out and defined a brand new member of the $64000 B7 kinfolk of immune approach costimulatory molecules. he's the major professional within the box. This e-book will disguise all points of CD137/4-1BB pathway study from microbiology, infectious sickness, molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to immune responses and power purposes within the prognosis and therapy of human ailments together with cancers, autoimmune illnesses, viral an infection and transplantation rejection.

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