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By R. C. Penner

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Measured geodesic laminations are a common generalization of straightforward closed curves in surfaces, and so they play a decisive position in a number of advancements in two-and 3-dimensional topology, geometry, and dynamical platforms. This booklet offers a self-contained and finished remedy of the wealthy combinatorial constitution of the gap of measured geodesic laminations in a hard and fast floor. households of measured geodesic laminations are defined by way of specifying a teach song within the floor, and the distance of measured geodesic laminations is analyzed via learning houses of educate tracks within the floor. the cloth is built from first ideas, the recommendations hired are primarily combinatorial, and just a minimum history is needed at the a part of the reader. particularly, familiarity with hassle-free differential topology and hyperbolic geometry is thought. the 1st bankruptcy treats the elemental idea of teach tracks as found via W. P. Thurston, together with recurrence, transverse recurrence, and the specific development of a measured geodesic lamination from a measured educate tune. the next chapters improve convinced fabric from R. C. Penner's thesis, together with a normal equivalence relation on measured teach tracks and conventional versions for the equivalence sessions (which are used to research the topology and geometry of the gap of measured geodesic laminations), a duality among transverse and tangential buildings on a educate tune, and the specific computation of the motion of the mapping type workforce at the house of measured geodesic laminations within the floor.

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