Download e-book for kindle: CSS Quick Syntax Reference Guide by Mikael Olsson (auth.)

By Mikael Olsson (auth.)

ISBN-10: 143026490X

ISBN-13: 9781430264903

ISBN-10: 1430264918

ISBN-13: 9781430264910

The CSS quickly Syntax Reference is a 150-page syntax connection with the Cascading kind Sheet specification and elegance sheet language. It provides the necessities of CSS in a well-organized structure that may be used as a convenient reference.

You won’t locate any technical jargon, bloated samples, drawn out historical past classes or witty tales during this ebook. What you'll find is a CSS reference that's concise, to the purpose, and hugely available. The booklet is jam-packed with necessary details and is a must have for any CSS programmer or internet developer.

In the CSS fast Syntax Reference, you'll find:

  • A concise connection with CSS
  • Short, easy, and targeted code examples for presentation semantics
  • A good laid out desk of contents and a complete index permitting effortless assessment

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In turn, the two sibling elements are child elements of and descendants of both and . The hierarchy of this simple document is illustrated in Figure 6-1. 27 Chapter 6 ■ Relationship selectors Figure 6-1. Example HTML hierarchy Inheritance Inheritance is another important concept in CSS. It makes certain styles apply not only to the specified element but also to all its descendant elements. For example, the color property is inherited; the border property is not. This default inheritance is usually the intended behavior, making inheritance very intuitive.

P { color: #f00; } /* same as #ff0000 */ The short hexadecimal notation is a useful shortcut when the full precision provided by the longer hexadecimal notation is not needed. RGB notation The rgb() function allows a color value to be specified as three intensity values for the color components red, green, and blue. The value can be either an integer between 0 and 255 or a percentage. p { color: rgb(255, 0, 0); } p { color: rgb(100%, 0%, 0%); } The RGB notation allows the same color precision as the hexadecimal notation.

Vendor prefixes Many browsers begin incorporating new CSS properties long before their specification becomes stable. Because these implementations are experimental, their property names include a vendor prefix to indicate that the specification could potentially change in the future. The major vendor prefixes include -moz for Firefox; -ms for Internet Explorer; -o for Opera; and -webkit for Chrome, Safari, Android, and iOS. Recent versions of Opera also implement the -webkit prefix in parallel with the -o prefix.

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CSS Quick Syntax Reference Guide by Mikael Olsson (auth.)

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