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The excellent quickly reference at the wards and within the clinic!

The recognized "one illness in line with page" design!

CURRENT necessities of Medicine is a pragmatic, point-of-care pocket guide that gives "nutshell" details at the analysis and therapy of greater than 500 clinical issues noticeable in either basic care and health facility settings. ideal as a brief reference at the wards or in a hectic hospital, this can be the single pocket advisor to supply affliction necessities in a one-disease-per-page bulleted structure. useful pearls, for which the authors are renowned, are provided for the majority stipulations.


• To-the-point info at the analysis and therapy of greater than 500 of the most typical illnesses noticeable in medical perform
• handy one-disease-per web page presentation
• Bulleted facts for every ailment protecting necessities of prognosis, Differential analysis, remedy, Pearl, and Reference
• Encompasses either ambulatory and inpatient medication
• comprises inner drugs, plus specialties reminiscent of obstetrics/gynecology, surgical procedure, and pediatrics
• up-to-date scientific manifestations, diagnostic exams, and remedy concerns all through

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VITAMIN E & GLYCINE TESTED In spite of the startling results obtained in the treabnent of myasthenia gravis by Dr. Harriet Edgeworth with ephedrine sulphate and by Dr. Mary Walker with physostigmine (107), it appeared unwise to the author, for the reasons above stated, to follow the therapeutic vogue thereby initiated that proved so profitable to some entrepreneurs and fatal to so many victims. In view of the state of biologic science, it appeared to be more rational to approach the study of the disease as a disorder of muscle metabolism and physiology, than as a disturbance of the neural or neuromuscular mechanism for which no substan- olgltlzea by Coogle 36 Origiral from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN tial proof had been adduced, or has yet been adduced.

The authors fail to list what is probably the real reason: the irrationality and inadvised character of the therapy. The "myasthenic" and " cholinergic" crises, and the deaths that they cause, that are an "accepted" feature of the anticholinesterase treatment of myasthenia gravis, are most frequently, in cases so treated, manifestations of poisoning by the therapy. This is acknowledged by Osserman in his MYASTHENIA GRAVIS (108, p. 165) as follows: "Sudden, unexplained death is still not rare in myasthenia gravis .

With pyridostigmine (Mestinon) and ambenonium (Mytelase) the side-eHects are usually, but not invariably, milder. "The side-effects most generally encountered are referable to the gastrointestinal tract: abdominal cramps, increase in peristalsis, diarrhea, nausea and occasional vomiting. Next in frequency are signs of glandular hypersecretion, most commonly of the bronchial mucosa and salivary glands but also occaolgltlzea by Coogle 25 Origiral from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN sionally of the sweat and lacrimal glands.

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