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K)~~uk~1. .. It is easily verified that: (2~-u2)~+(tu-1)~+21=0, 2.. (c(EC). VI30 from which follows, if we put the coefficient of uk-‘t”/n! s(n,k)~~u* . . C14d exp (u(e’ - l)}:=l+l<~~~S(n,k)~uk. -:. --:=n&‘kS(n,k);. k! ’ The Eulerian numbers A (n, k) (not to be confused with Euler numbers E,, p. ynomials LIP’ (x) : t)-‘-‘exps:= (e* - 1)” (IV) Eulerian numbers The Hermite polynomials H,(x): (l- ‘*$+_l! kB0 exp(-t2+2fx):=~~0HH”(x)~. ‘)= U,). (These are also called ultraspherical polynomials. See Exercise 35, p.

1 2 cosfpi Bernoulli I)k-’ (2k)! f 1B2kl or c 2 (2k) ! kbl Use thx= (eZX- 1) (e2%+I)-‘= 1-2(e2”1)-l +4(e4”- 1)-l, and [14a] (p. 48) to show that thx=x,S1 B2,22”(22”-1)~2m-‘/(2m)!. = this, obtain: tgx=x++x3+&x5+&x7+&x9+ (See also Exercise 11 of =xrnal B2,(- l)m+122m(22m- 1) x2”-‘/(2m)!. p. ) Complex variables methods can be used to show that the radius of convergence of the preceding series equals 7~12. Taylor = 2(- numbers. =X (sinx)-’ -l + & B,, (- 1) m 22mx2m-,-l -y-, 2(2 - 1) where q,, = (Compare with Exercise 4, p.

Then, with the 24. Formal series and d@erence operator [6e] (p. =e’“(x-l)k. notations of pp. 13 and 41: V (3) If &>,“(AnaO) 25. a$“, then t”=(l+t)-‘f(t(l+l)-I). f=&>,, Harmonic Leibniz triangle and Cnro(Akan) Leibniz (7) Use this to show by induction (on n) that bn,k = ulrumet = y x 0 ([Chung, Feller, 19491; [*Feller, I, 19681, p. 83). (8) Let c@ be the number of paths of length 2n joining 0 with (n, n) such that 2k segments lie above the diagonal. Let r be as in (6) the abscissa of first passage of the diagonal.

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