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By Christina Bratt Paulston, Donald Peckham

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This article goals to supply an introductory examine of linguistic minorities in relevant and japanese Europe bearing in mind ancient improvement, current scenario, language upkeep and shift in addition to language and academic rules of every kingdom integrated during this research.

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1969) External and domestic roots of eastern European nationalism. In P. Sugar and I. Lederer (eds) Nationalism in Eastern Europe. Seattle: University of Washington Press. F. ) (1980) Ethnic Diversity and Conflict in Eastern Europe. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio. F. (1995) Eastern European Nationalism in the Twentieth Century. Washington, DC: American University Press. F. and Lederer (eds) (1969) Nationalism in Eastern Europe. Seattle: University of Washington Press. Sussex, R. C. (eds) (1983) Culture and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Eastern Europe.

C) social, religious, economic standing historically (2) Description of present situation (a) demographics (b) isolated ethnicity or extended nationalism (c) social standing (social class) of ethnic groups (d) economic standing (e) domains where spoken/used (f) social factors, like religious/sacred language (g) attitudes towards languages/ethnic groups/stereotypes (h) state/legislation support (3) Language maintenance and shift (a) what is the situation; why? (b) Language of wider communication (c) Motivation factors incentive/opportunity (d) Demographic factors, like exogamy, schooling (4) Language policies/educational policies (a) official recognition (b) medium of instruction/teachers/curriculum (c) choice of writing system (d) other issues (5) Future directions Page viii (Clearly a writing outline like this will need further explanations and examples from the specific country.

With such a theory, language ecology could serve as an integrating perspective, one which promises progress in reaching the general goal of sociolinguistic studies (the goal being the interaction of linguistic and social structure and the interimplications of linguistic and social behavior). I have already commented on the usefulness of a contrastive and Page 14 comparative approach in identifying salient factors. How such a comparison is best undertaken, what kind of models of ecological relations are needed, is clearly outside the scope of an introduction.

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