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By Friedrich Hirzebruch, Shiing-Shen Chern

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The Wei-Liang Chow and Kuo-Tsai Chen Memorial convention was once proposed and held by means of Professor S.-S. Chern. It used to be dedicated to memorializing these impressive and unique mathematicians who had made major contributions to algebraic geometry and algebraic topology, respectively. It additionally supplied a discussion board for major mathematicians to expound and speak about their perspectives on new principles in those fields, in addition to traits in 21st-century arithmetic. approximately a hundred mathematicians participated within the convention, together with Sir Michael Atiyah, Jacob Palis, Phillip Griffiths, David Eisenbud, Philippe Tondeur, Yujiro Kawamata, Tian Gang, and others. This quantity comprises chosen papers provided on the convention. the subjects comprise canonical maps of Gorenstein three-folds, primary teams of algebraic curves, Chen's interated integrals, algebraic fibre areas, and extra Lars V. Ahlfors / F. W. Gehring -- Ahlfors' Preface to his accrued Papers 7 -- Caratheodory's file on Ahlfors' paintings for the Fields Medal on the ICM in Oslo 1936 eleven -- Ahlfors' deal with as Honorary President on the commencing of the ICM in Berkeley 1986 14 -- An Extension of Schwarz's Lemma 15 -- Quasiconformal Reflections 21 -- Finitely Generated Kleinian teams 32 -- Henri Cartan -- Breve examine des travaux fifty one -- Les Seminaires Cartan (allocution prononcee par J.-P. Serre en 1975) sixty two -- Varietes analytiques complexes et cohomologie sixty seven -- Espaces fibres et groupes d'homotopie. I. buildings generales / J.-P. Serre eighty two -- Espaces fibres et groupes d'homotopie. II. purposes / J.-P. Serre eighty five -- Discours prononce le ler fevrier 1977 a l'occasion de los angeles remise de l. a. Medaille d'Or du C.N.R.S. 88 -- Lennart A. E. Carleson -- Lennart Carleson's paintings in research / P. W. Jones ninety six -- Lennart Carleson's paintings in Statistical Mechanics and Dynamical platforms / M. Benedicks 108 -- On Convergence and development of Partial Sums of Fourier sequence one hundred twenty -- Shiing-Shen Chern -- My Mathematical schooling 154 -- S. S. Chern as Geometer and good friend / A. Weil 169 -- Abzahlungen fur Gewebe 173 -- an easy Intrinsic facts of the Gauss-Bonnet formulation for Closed Riemannian Manifolds 181 -- On Finsler Geometry 187 -- Ennio De Giorgi / M. Miranda -- Ennio de Giorgi (1928-1996) / J.-L. Lions, F. Murat 192 -- De Giorgi's summer time vacation trips and XIX Hilbert challenge / M. Miranda 206 -- Alcune applicazioni al Calcolo delle variazioni di una teoria della misura K-dimensionale 207 -- minimum Cones and the Bernstein challenge / E. Bombieri, E. Giusti 208 -- New difficulties in [Gamma]-convergence and G-convergence 234 -- Samuel Eilenberg / W. S. Massey -- Samuel Eilenberg (1913-1998) / H. Bass, H. Cartan, P. Freyd, A. Heller, S. MacLane 242 -- ordinary Isomorphisms in workforce thought / S. MacLane 256 -- Singular Homology idea 263 -- Axiomatic method of Homology concept / N. E. Steenrod 288 -- Paul Erdos / B. Bollobas -- The lifestyles and paintings of Paul Erdos / B. Bollobas 292 -- chosen guides of Paul Erdos 316 -- The Gaussian legislations of error within the concept of Additive quantity Theoretic features / M. Kac 328 -- The manufactured from Consecutive Integers isn't an influence / J. L. Selfridge 333 -- Friedrich Hirzebruch -- Bibliography after 1987 344 -- Curriculum vitae mathematicae / H. Grauert, G. tougher, R. Remmert 345 -- Friedrich Hirzebruch -- An Appreciation / M. F. Atiyah 347 -- On Steenrod's diminished Powers, The Index of Inertia, and the Todd Genus 352 -- mathematics Genera and the theory of Riemann-Roch for Algebraic types 358 -- Riemann-Roch Theorems for Differentiable Manifolds / M. F. Atiyah 363 -- studying advanced research in Munster-Paris, Zurich and Princeton from 1945 to 1953 369 -- Kunihiko Kodaira: Mathematician, good friend, and instructor 382 -- Wolf Prize rite The Knesset 389 -- commencing Speech, ICM Berlin 1998 390 -- Lars Hormander -- My Mathematical schooling 404 -- at the concept of normal Partial Differential Operators 410 -- Differential Equations with out ideas 500 -- Hypoelliptic moment Order Differential Equations 505 -- Kiyosi Ito -- Foreword in Kiyosi Ito: chosen Papers 531 -- On a formulation bearing on Stochastic Differentials 540 -- a number of Wiener necessary 551 -- The Brownian movement and Tensor Fields on Riemannian Manifold 564 -- Stochastic Differentials 568 -- Joseph B. Keller -- Biographical comic strip 578 -- booklet record 579 -- Geometrical conception of Diffraction 599 -- Corrected Bohr-Sommerfeld Quantum stipulations for Nonseparable platforms 614 -- Kunihiko Kodaira / Y. Miyaoka, ok. Ueno -- lifetime of Kunihiko Kodaira / Y. Miyaoka, ok. Ueno 623 -- On a Differential-Geometric technique within the idea of Analytic Stacks 653 -- On Compact Analytic Surfaces 659 -- Robert Langlands -- difficulties within the conception of Automorphic kinds 679 -- Jean Leray / P. Malliavin -- Jean Leray Works / P. Malliavin 706 -- Biographie de Jean Leray / P. Malliavin 709 -- Sur le mouvement d'un fluide visqueux emplissant l'espace (introduction in simple terms) 711 -- Topologie et equations fonctionnelles / J. Schauder 715 -- Sur un probleme de illustration conforme pose par l. a. theorie de Helmholtz / A. Weinstein 718 -- L'anneau d'homologie d'une illustration 721 -- constitution de l'anneau d'homologie d'une illustration 724 -- Proprietes de l'anneau d'homologie de los angeles projection d'un espace fibre sur sa base 727 -- selection, dans les cas non exceptionnels, de l'anneau de cohomologie de l'espace homogene quotient d'un groupe de Lie compact par un sous-groupe de meme rang 730 -- Prolongement de los angeles transformation de Laplace 733 -- los angeles theorie des residus sur une variete analytique complexe 741 -- los angeles calcul differentiel et essential sur une variete analytique complexe 746 -- Systeme d'equations aux derivees partielles a caracteristiques multiples: probleme de Cauchy ramifie; hyperbolicite partielle (introduction basically) / Y. Hamada, C. Wagschal 753 -- Prolongements analytiques de l. a. resolution du probleme de Cauchy lineaire (introduction merely) / Y. Hamada, A. Takeuchi 756

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This is known for Fuchsian groups, but to the author's knowledge there is no proof in the published literature. A proof is contained in a manuscript of Nielsen and Fenchel, where the result is obtained at the end of a pene­ trating study of Fuchsian groups. Recently, L. 1 My task has been to show that Bers' method can be extended to arbitrary Kleinian groups. The main difficulty was the correct formulation and proof of a crucial lemma, which is to be considered the core of this paper. We have formulated it in two parts, as Lemma 8 and Lemma 9.

1. We return to the case of an arbitrary Eleinian group r, except that we shall assume w to be a limit point. 1) «F(s)-2^(4s)4'(s)« 4

From this we may deduoe that k determines Q uniquely up to confonnal equi­ valence. /* be another pair of confonnal mappings on complementary regions, sitd suppose that /t~'/i "/*"'/ on the real axis. For a moment, let us write F for the mapping given by /(») in V and by A/(f) in V, and let Ft have the cor­ responding meaning. The mapping H-F;'ftp~'F. ia defined in V and reduces to the identity on the real axis. We extend it to the whob plinr by sitting H{z)-x (') Thw work n i MppOfisd by Uw Air Fore* OfHeo of Scientific Rnnrch.

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