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By Chatia Orlandi, Saverio Sani

ISBN-10: 8841892455

ISBN-13: 9788841892459

Questo testo sacro, il cui titolo in sanscrito vuol dire Veda delle formule magiche, è l. a. ‘bibbia’ dell’antica religione indiana. Si tratta precisamente della quarta raccolta di inni dei Veda dedicata alle formule magiche ed esorcistiche recitate dai bramini durante l’esecuzione dei riti domestici. Utet oggi l. a. propone in edizione digitale critica, completa del testo originale consultabile ipertestualmente.

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But these are almost always so utterly unfounded, so evidently the results of preconceived notions, and so continually mere guesses, that I am quite sure they much more tend to obscure the meaning than to elucidate it. Another great in our the same ideas. many words we have no equivalents that the words which are available do not convey difficulty is that for own language, and Kavi, Vipra, vidvat, medhdvin, Chikitwah, and many others, mean, it is true, "wise, intelligent, knowing;" but they do not have that meaning, as and where they are employed, and so to translate them is to mistranslate.

They became IJishis, because Brahma, the self-existent, approached them when they were sunk in devotion. ' These hymns are ^ishis or bards. There is, however, no doubt [says Dr. Muir], that the Rishis were themselves the proper authors of these ancient songs, which they addressed to the Gods, when they were solicitous to obtain any blessing, or composed on other occasions .... For many years, the successive generations of these ancient IJishis continued to make new contributions to the stock of hymns, while they carefully preserved those handed down to them by their forefathers.

It may not be out of place to speak briefly of relationship of the Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Sclavonic, German and Keltic languages, and those, including our own, formed by the intermixture of some of these; for it is by means of the words common to all or to part of these, that the original identity of all the races that speak these languages, is established. Recent discoveries have proven beyond dispute the existence all over Europe, long before any emigration of the Aryans, of successive races of men, the most ancient of whom were savages, like the North American Indians, using only implements and weapons of stone.

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