New PDF release: Atlas of Stereochemistry: Absolute Configurations of Organic

By W. Klyne, John B. Buckingham

ISBN-10: 0412154609

ISBN-13: 9780412154607

ISBN-10: 1489934227

ISBN-13: 9781489934222

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AC by I-ep,mer (+) ~henYICYCIOheX~en~_~D~~ _ _ _ 13. (3R,4SI-(+ ) 3- I I II N ~~ C- . I " ~ !. y 2~ I - 7 (S I-( -) 3-cyclohexyl- 3phenylbutyroc acId 6. (Ri-(-) I -phenylondone- :--0 Ph I [5] i i i i i C(3)1[5J Ph C(3) 5. (SI-(-) I-melhyl-l- C(2~ I I -1 1 PhCl ~h ""'[3J C ( II~ - [H] C(31 /'- [3] [3J ~ orlo I 18. (IS, 2S)-(+ 12methy l -1- 19. (RI - (-12 - methyl-2- cyclopentane. 2-ep,mer (-I aCid 17 (SI-(+) 2- phenyl-2- ( 1- benzyl -4- plperodonyll glutaromlde (benzetlmldel. Abs. X- roy 1. 2. 3.

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