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I. Introduction . . II. Methods of Study A. Direct Observation Methods . B. Isolation Methods . III. The Fungi Occurring in Soil A. Fungal Structures in Soil B. Substrates for Growth of Fungi in Soil IV. Factors Affecting Growth of Fungi in Soil A. Fungal Propagules in Soil B. Spore Germination C. Hyphal Growth . D. Fungal Growth Patterns in Soil E. Sporulation . . F. Destruction of Fungal Structures Conclusions References 51 53 54 56 64 69 78 86 86 89 90 92 97 99 101 102 I. I N T R O D U C T I O N Fifty years ago, Waksman (1916a) raised the question whether soil is the home of an indigenous mycoflora, or merely a resting place for fungal spores floating in the atmosphere.

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