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By Jam Donaldson

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ISBN-13: 9781556527807

Jam does not dissapoint with this publication. it truly is natural good judgment for the typical guy. an excellent learn.

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I’ve heard my brethren (other black people) instantly dismiss someone’s ideas once they learn he/she is a Republican. RUFKM (r u fucking kidding me)? I’ve seen adults wholly discounted because they classified themselves as biracial or were members of the Heritage Foundation or because they were in Jack and Jill of America or had a white wife or lived in the projects or had a child whose age betrayed the fact that they had been teenage moms. A lockstep of thought, policy, belief, and experience should not be the sine qua non of black progress.

If the pictures I was seeing permeate the Internet were any indication of what was appropriate behavior in our communities, particularly by young people, then Jesus needed to be called. Quick. And what I find even stranger than the wild, rampant acting out of young people, which is really nothing new, is the total willful ignorance that the rest of the community seems to be engaged in. How could a generation stray so far off course and the community remain silent? I found it odd that we will march enthusiastically and threaten boycotts and demand that others be held accountable for offenses against the black community, yet, when it comes to the behaviors of our own, like black-on-black crime or high drop-out rates, we look the other way.

I don’t know. Maybe that’s the problem—we’ve been giving too much and expecting too little. 42 conversate is not a word See, for too long we have defined failure by its extreme manifestations: ending up in jail, becoming a drug addict, being a teenage mother. But, in my opinion, when we don’t see a young person all the way through to realizing his or her potential, it’s just as big a failure. In our community, mediocrity is becoming an epidemic. And that realization hit me really close to home.

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