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By John Stratton Hawley, Donna Marie Wulff

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I've got this model below the name Devi: Goddesses of India released in India. i'm happy with this booklet. Many books convey Kali as a ruthless killer and destroyer, right here you'll examine a softer and but freeing part of Kali for ladies and males. This publication has many articles from diffrent authers which rather supplies the reader a glance at diffrent devis from diffrent issues of view. as soon as i started to learn this e-book i couldn't placed it down. i'd additionally suggest whatever by way of David Kinsley and Kali through Elizabet U Harding .

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Today I can love them because I am gifted w i t h the eye to see myself as others see me and vice versa. I want to take the whole w o r l d i n the embrace of m y love. M y anekantavada is the result of the t w i n doctrine of satya and ahimsa. I talk of God exactly as I believe H i m to be. I believe H i m to be creative as well as non-creative. This too is the result of m y acceptance of the doctrine of the manyness of reality. From the platform of the Jains I prove the noncreative aspect of God, and f r o m that of Ramanuja the creative aspect.

Krishna knew no sleep or idleness. He kept sleepless 78 What is Hinduism? Krishna Janmashtami 79 vigil of the w o r l d , we his posterity have become indolent and forgotten the use of our hands. In the Bhagawadgita Lord Krishna has shown the path otbhakti— which means the path of karma. Lokamanya Tilak has shown that whether we desire to be bhaktas or jnanis, karma is the only way; but the karma should not be for self but for others. Action for one's own self binds, action for the sake of others delivers from bondage.

The soul is immortal and thebody must perish. Fight then the fight that has come to thee as a matter of duty. Victory or defeat is no concern of thine. ' In the eleventh chapter the Lord presents a panoramic vision of the Universe and says: ' I am Kola, the Destroyer of the worlds, the Ancient of Days; I am here engaged in M y task of destruction of the worlds. Kill thou those already killed by Me. ' Himsa and ahimsa are equal before God. But for man what is God's message? Is it this: 'Fight; for thou art sure to foil thy enemies in the field'?

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