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This guide is a draft. Its contents signify the present nation of improvement of the OCCAM3 specification and a few info may perhaps switch ahead of the ultimate specification is published. in spite of the fact that, it truly is envisaged that those alterations could be to the guide and never to the language itself. This replica is equipped for info reasons basically and it's not for use for advertisement reasons. INMOS assumes no accountability for its use nor for any infringement of patents or different rights of 3rd events because of its use. No licence is granted less than any patents, emblems or different rights of INMOS.

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Here are some more examples: [’a’, ’b’, ’c’] [x, y, z] [x * y, x + 4] [(a * b) + c] [6(INT64), 8888(INT64)] a a a a a table table table table table of three bytes (equivalent to "abc") of three values of with two component values with a single component of two INT64 integers If the variables a, b and c are of type INT, then the table [(a * b) + c] is an expression whose type is [1]INT. [’a’, ’b’, ’c’] is an expression whose type is [3]BYTE, and so on. DRAFT --- March 31, 1992 Tables are the literal representation of array values, their syntax is: literal [ ✂ ✁ 1 , expression ] A table is one or more expressions of the same data type, separated by commas, and enclosed in square brackets.

Data types (page 23) are explained later in the manual. 7 Summary This chapter has shown how processes can be constructed from a sequence of processes; from a conditional choice between processes; by selection of a process according to a value; by repeated execution of a process in a loop; by execution of a number of processes in parallel; and by selection between process according to alternative communications: process ✂ | | | | | sequence conditional selection loop parallel alternation DRAFT --- March 31, 1992 3 Basic data types occam programs act upon variables , channels and timers .

Type literal NONE [](NONE) ✂ ✂ This value is useful to communicate along a channel when synchronisation is required without communication of data. 3 Union data types The previous section described data types whose values all have the same format. This section describes data types whose values may have one of a number of different formats. Consider the data type definitions: DATA TYPE CARTESIAN RECORD REAL32 real, imag : : DATA TYPE POLAR RECORD REAL32 mod, arg : : DATA TYPE COMPLEX UNION CARTESIAN c : POLAR p: : This defines three data types.

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