The Septuagint of Proverbs: Jewish and/or Hellenistic by Johann Cook PDF

By Johann Cook

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This monograph offers with an unexplained record of Hellenistic Judaism. The query of "Hellenistic effect" is addressed at the foundation of an research of a consultant variety of chapters of Septuagint Proverbs (1-2, 6, 8-9, 24, 29-31). students have argued that this e-book was once prompted widely by means of Greek philosophy. the writer follows a contextual cultural procedure. The Greek textual content is analyzed on 4 degrees: the semantic, syntactical, stylistic and the theological. the belief is that the effect of Stoicism in this Greek model has been overvalued long ago.

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40. 94 S. Jellicoe, The Septuagint and Modern Study, p. 197. >tov, which refers to the books of Proverbs and Ben Sira. A passage fromJob 31:20 has been written in the context of Prov 24:47 (30:26) (a sub-group). 68 Venedig, Bibl Marc, Gr 5: Bible also Provo Dates from the 15th century and is related to B. 103 Wien, Hofbibl, Theol Gr 238, Paper, XV AD. Uncollated. 106 Ferrara, Bibl Comun, 187 l, II und 188 II, Paper, XIV AD: This ms has the chapter numbering of the Vulgate. A number of glosses found their way into the ms.

23) Rom, Bibl Vat, Vat Gr 2106 + Venedig, Bibl Marc Gr 1, Perg: This was incorrectly seen as a minuscule and has been categorised under the description V for codex Venetus. It is kept in the Library of St. Mark in Venice. It is nevertheless part of the same codex as N of the Vatican library. 94 The Venetian section is of importance in the present context and contains parts ofJob and other wisdom books such as Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Cantica, Wisdom and Sirach, as weIl as the minor and major prophets, Tobit, Judith and the Maccabees.

Gerleman therefore opted for a rather encompassing treatment of the Septuagint Proverbs. In Chapter 1 he firstly discusses (briefly), the roots of Israelite wisdom traditions. As far as the Hebrew version is concerned, he thinks that the clear affinities between the Egyptian and the Hebrew sapiental sayings are the result of a common Oriental source. M. McGlinchey about an Egyptian colouring of the LXX version of Proverbs. One example quoted by Gerleman 27 is Prov 4: 14, where McGlinchey accepts that the reading in Amenemope iv, 9 ("Let not thyself be sent on a wicked mission (business) and do not desire the one that performeth it") has been used by the Greek translator, who renders the second hemistich as follows: "do not se arch the ways of the wicked".

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