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During this quantity, Luis L?pez sheds new gentle on info constitution and makes an important contribution to paintings on grammatical operations within the Minimalist application. via a cautious research of dislocations and concentration fronting in Romance, the writer indicates that notions corresponding to 'topic' and 'focus', as often outlined, yield no predictions and proposes as an alternative a function procedure in keeping with the notions 'discourse anaphor' and 'contrast'. He offers a close version of syntax---information-structure interplay and argues that this interplay happens on the part point, with a privileged function for the sting of the section. additional, he investigates phenomena about the syntax of gadgets in Romance and Germanic - accusative A, p-movement, clitic doubling, scrambling, item shift - and indicates that there are cross-linguistic correlations among syntactic configuration and specificity, autonomous of discourse connectedness. the quantity ends with a longer research of the syntax of dislocations in Romance.

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Notice that in all these examples, CLLDed constituents come in pairs—in fact, they form symmetric contrasts. This is, as a matter of fact, the most natural way of using CLLD. 51) Context: What did you do with the pen? ’ el the boli. pen When CLLD is used in this type of context, the hearer expects a continuation. Without this continuation, the hearer needs to Wnd some way to accommodate an alternative set (although, to be fair, this accommodation is easy to carry out). 52) Context: Did you take the pens to Maria?

Syntax and Information Structure 32 I conclude that Romance dislocates cannot be considered aboutness topics, since they do not pass any of the relevant tests. 2 Old information topics Erteschik-Shir’s and Vallduvı´’s approaches in which sentence topics (or links in Vallduvı´’s terminology) refer to ‘‘salient cards’’ in a Wle cabinet (following Reinhart’s 1981 library metaphor) provide an architecture that articulates the equation of topic with old information and focus with new. For detailed analysis, I pick Erteschik-Shir (2006) simply because it is the most recent.

If it is, then a constituent identiWable as [+Focus] will have predictable behavior. It turns out that [+Focus] does not make any predictions. As we have seen, a constituent marked as [+Focus] may stay in situ or it may move—but whatever makes it move is not the focus feature, since focus can contentedly stay in situ. I suggest that movement to left periphery position, either by FF or wh-phrases, is connected with [+c]. 34) Context: Did you buy furniture? Doncs, de cadires no en vaig comprar . .

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