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By Stefan Georg

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Linguists and experts on Siberia are quite often conversant in the identify Ket, which designates a small ethnic staff at the Yenisei and their language, commonly considered as a linguistic enigma in lots of respects. Ket is a critically endangered language with this present day under 500 local audio system. including Yugh, Kott, Arin, Assan and Pumpokol, all of that are thoroughly extinct, it types the Yeniseic relations of languages, which has no identified linguistic kinfolk. This "Grammar of Ket" constitutes the 1st ebook of its type in English and is dependent as follows: creation; The Kets and their Language; Phonology; Morphology; and, References. A moment quantity is deliberate on Ket Syntax, supported via a set of unique texts with translations and annotations.

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The lion's share of the data collected in the field consists of elicited sentences and shorter and longer texts, including spontaneous dialogues between full and vigorous speakers. The texts, together with texts from published sources, illustrating various genres of Ket narrative and various periods of the investigation of Ket, will be published in the forthcoming second volume of this work. Nevertheless, published descriptions, monographs and short papers, have been used for sentential examples as well.

To decorate" or the like). 39 Castrén soon gave up on his initial idea that Yeniseian languages had anything to do with Finnish (Finno-Ugric, Uralic, "Ural-Altaic") and turned back to his main objective. In doing so, he founded almost single-handedly the discipline of comparative Samoyedology, and became the first scholar to write a grammar of a living Mongolic language (Buryat), a living Tungusic language (North-Baikal Ewenki, and one of the first persons to describe a living Siberian Turkic language (Tuvan and Tofa).

Some of his observations (the templatic nature of the system of Ket position classes, the reduction of morphological slots found in the Ket verb to 10, the four conjugation classes, the intricate system of morphotactic rules, to name but a few) are major breakthroughs. Though I - quite naturally - do not agree with every detail of his analysis (which is most easily accessible in Vajda 2004), I see no possibility to fall back behind his seminal paper (Vajda 2001), which constitutes, in my view, a watershed, after which nothing (or, say, few things) can ever be the same in Ket linguistics.

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