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By J. M. Tew Jr., W. D. Tobler (auth.), L. Symon, J. Brihaye, B. Guidetti, F. Loew, J. D. Miller, H. Nornes, E. Pásztor, B. Pertuiset, M. G. Yaşargil (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783709170106

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Advances: current prestige of Lasers in Neurosurgery (J. M. Tew, Jr., W. D. Tobler) Technical criteria: Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy: symptoms, Investigative strategy and effects (H. G. Wieser) • Spinal wire Astrocytomas of adolescence (F. Epstein)

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27. , 1984: Biophysical basis and technical requisites for the use of Nd:YAG laser in neurosurgery. Neurosurg. Rev. 7, 145-150. 28. , 1983: 105 patients operated upon for cerebellopontine angle tumors: experience using combined approach and CO 2 laser. Laryngoscope 93, 1049-1055. 29. Glassock, M. , Jackson, C. , Whitaker, S. , 1981: The argon laser in acoustic tumor surgery. Laryngoscope 71, 1405-1416. 30. , 1981: Laser vaporization on intracranial tumors. Lasers Surg. Med. 1, 235-240. 31. , 1984: Nd:YAG laser as a surgical tool.

Loss of inhibition [reduction in GAD terminals has been reported for epileptic cortex (Ribak et al. 1978, Lloyd et al. 1981)J results in excitatory events with much more potent effects. In particular, the intrinsic burst potential of hippocampal pyramidal cells is "released" and cells are more depolarized for a longer period by synaptic input, so the high threshold calcium spike mechanism can be triggered. In this model the long-lasting hyperpolarizing potentials following the burst prevent these cells from bursting continuously, when IPSPs are lost.

The CUSA® is an expensive instrument comparable in price and operation to the laser. It does not induce haemostasis and it is unable to remove very firm or calcified tumours. Recent modification in construction improved the bulkyness and awkwardness encountered under the microsope but interfered with its effectiveness. It is our judgment that CUSA® is an important tool for those who choose not to develop the applications of laser technology to its maximum potential. Further refinements may make the CUSA® a more valuable addition to our surgical armamentarium 21 ,66.

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Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery by J. M. Tew Jr., W. D. Tobler (auth.), L. Symon, J. Brihaye, B. Guidetti, F. Loew, J. D. Miller, H. Nornes, E. Pásztor, B. Pertuiset, M. G. Yaşargil (eds.)

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