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But illness filters upwards to and through the roots of the upper and powerful classes, and the garden at the top soon ceases to flourish. Culture also tells us what is possible and what is not. For example, villagers in Suriname’s interior had known malaria as far back as their spoken history could trace. And, they used the statistically powerful “persistency forecast”—the best predictor of the future is what has always happened in the past—to accept that malaria would always be a part of their lives.

And others), the risk of ischemic heart disease attributable to total cholesterol was apportioned among the nine levels in percentages, as shown in row No. 2. The power of the total cholesterol risk factor (row No. 3) is shown by dividing the percentage of deaths attributable to total cholesterol by the percentage of the group that generated them. The potency keeps rising with level of total cholesterol, as past research has taught us to expect. 5 mmol—one category—would reduce ischemic heart disease mortality attributable to total cholesterol by about 34%.

It is culture that determines the relative value of competitiveness, equity among people, benevolence, valuation of health, and ultimate goals. A community’s infrastructure—its roads, bridges, water, electricity, buildings, and medical technology— might be viewed as part of the physical environment, but it all has been created or borrowed by the culture. Culture is the way of life of a people. Like health and disease, culture is transmitted from group to group, from generation to generation. Witness the power of television to transmit the culture of high-technology nations—both the useful and the destructive aspects—to every corner of the world.

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