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Cardiovascular issues Sourcebook

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The signal spreads across the cells of your ventricle walls, and both ventricles contract. However, this doesn’t happen at exactly the same moment. The left ventricle contracts an instant before the right ventricle. This pushes blood through the pulmonary valve (for the right ventricle) to your lungs, and through the aortic valve (for the left ventricle) to the rest of your body. As the signal passes, the walls of the ventricles relax and await the next signal. This process continues over and over as the atria refill with blood and more electrical signals come from the SA node.

This is because before menopause, estrogen provides women some protection against CHD. After age fifty-five, however, the risk of CHD increases similarly in both women and men. Some risk factors may affect CHD risk differently in women than in men. For example, diabetes raises the risk of CHD more in women. Also, some risk factors for heart disease only affect women, such as preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition that can develop during pregnancy. The two main signs of preeclampsia are a rise in blood pressure and excess protein in the urine.

Arnett said. org. © 2013 World Heart Federation. All rights reserved. The stresses of life have long been thought to increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease or a serious coronary or cerebral event. But it is not universally agreed which stress causes heart disease. In Australia, an expert group concluded that there is strong and consistent link between depression, social isolation and lack of quality social support, and heart disease. These factors were as risky to heart health as abnormal blood lipid levels, smoking, and high blood pressure.

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