Complex Predicates: Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Event by Dr Mengistu Amberber, Dr Brett Baker, Mark Harvey PDF

By Dr Mengistu Amberber, Dr Brett Baker, Mark Harvey

ISBN-10: 0521886678

ISBN-13: 9780521886673

Complicated predicates are multipredicational, yet monoclausal buildings. they've got confirmed complicated for linguistic idea, really for proposed differences among the lexicon, morphology, and syntax. This quantity specializes in the mapping from morphosyntactic constructions to occasion constitution, and particularly, the restrictions on attainable mappings. the amount showcases the 'coverb development' a fancy predicate development which, although common, has got little cognizance within the literature. The coverb development contrasts with extra widespread serial verb buildings. The coverb development as a rule maps purely to occasion constructions like these of monomorphemic verbs, while serial verb buildings map to a number of occasion constructions differing from these of monomorphemic verbs. the quantity assurance is really cross-linguistic, together with languages from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, East Africa and North the United States. the quantity establishes a brand new area of study in occasion constitution, syntax, and cross-linguistic typology.

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Eventn ] Lexical Conceptual Structure [[ ]Wdi ] Clausen Syntax Type (d): multi-predicational, but monoclausal construction – classic SVC [ Eventi ] [ Eventj ] [ Eventk ]... [ Eventn ] [[ ] Wdi [ ] Wdj [ ] Wdk...  Types of LCS-syntax relations A serial verb construction (SVC) is a sequence of verbs which act together as a single predicate, without any overt marker of coordination, subordination, or syntactic dependency of any other sort. Serial verb constructions describe what is conceptualised as a single event.

Meanings such as ‘associated motion’ and ‘associated stance’ may be conveyed by the coverb construction in Ngan’gityemerri. These meanings cannot be conveyed by coverb constructions in most languages. The features listed in () are also characteristic of the western and northern neighbours of Ngan’gityemerri – Marranj, Marramaninjsji, Marringarr, Marrithiyel, Matige, Murriny-Patha. This suggests that the features in () are not a chance collocation, but follow from significant structural differences between the coverb construction in these languages, and the coverb constructions found in the great majority of other languages.

Coverb constructions involve the merger of conceptual structures, whereas serial verb constructions involve coindexation. While coverb constructions most commonly map to merger structures, they do not necessarily do so. Thus, Ngan’gityemerri is a language which on initial inspection appears to class structurally with the other Australian languages so far discussed – Jaminjung, Marra, Wagiman. It has a large open class of coverbs and a small closed class of finite verbs. Most verbal clauses involve a coverb construction.

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