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The knowledge contained during this number of talks emerged from dialogues with those that got here from all over the realm to benefit the mysteries of lifestyles on the ft of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, some of the most respected holy males of India. The talks in Consciousness and the Absolute have been recorded presently earlier than Nisargadatta's dying in 1981, and translated on to English with out alterations. In a question-and-answer layout, the viewers and devotees followed this nice grasp in the course of his ultimate teachings. His message uncompromisingly remained an identical to the tip, to live basically on our beingness, giving it no attributes, living sooner than our thoughts.

In Consciousness and the Absolute, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj speaks to us this present day and tomorrow.

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The world is not there, but the material of the world is there. From there I start feeling "I Am". With air the movement is there, with fire the Talks ofNisargadatta Maharaj / 47 heat, with water all seeds and everything else, and because of water the taste is there. But you are dispossessed of these elements because of the Satguru. Because of your association with this Satguru, it means illumination for you. I don't feel like talking at all, I want to go into a sort of silence. My present talks, if they are really understood, require no more discipline or sadhana.

Maharaj: You accept only good and discard the evil and continuously recite the name of God--that will help you gradually control the mind. What is acceptable to you and gives you peace is good. What your mind rejects is not good. When you do something and there is fear of failure, that means the mind is not pure. Q: How does one develop a liking for chanting the mantra? M: In the company of the sages you can develop it. M. M. what goes on? Consciousness comes to meet consciousness. There will be no other talk Talks ofNisargadatta Maharaj I 87 86 I Consciousness and the Absolute except some communication between consciousness itself.

Although such a one knows full well that he is not going to get anywhere, still one becomes busy with a number of concepts. That Taj Sesh Bhagavan has spontaneously come and will spontaneously go. What are you going to get for yourself as "I Am"? In what position or concept did you stabilize yourself as "I Am"? The firm conviction that I am this, the three states --waking state, deep sleep and the knowledge "I Am" -- are the aspects of that Tej Sesh Bhagavan. You are not that. Question: Then who am /?

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