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By Martin Haspelmath, Ekkehard König

ISBN-10: 3110143577

ISBN-13: 9783110143577

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The antidote to Eats, Shoots and Leaves—an uproarious and intensely American language e-book if you are bored with getting pulled over by means of the grammar police

What do suicidal pandas, doped-up rock stars, and a unadorned Pamela Anderson have in universal? They’re all a heck of much more attention-grabbing than analyzing approximately predicate nominatives and hyphens. June Casagrande understands this and has invented an entire new twist at the grammar booklet. Grammar Snobs Are nice great Meanies is a laugh-out-loud humorous number of anecdotes and essays on grammar and punctuation, in addition to hilarious opinions of the self-appointed language specialists.

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This quantity offers the 1st result of a long term study undertaking, funded through the Italian executive, which goals at mapping out the nice practical constitution of sentences, nominal words, and different significant words making up sentences. specifically, it examines the sensible constitution of DPs (determiner words) and IPs (inflection phrases).

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Example: Listen quietly when the teacher talks. 1. ________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________ Spectrum Language Arts Grade 2 Chapter 1 Lesson 10 Grammar: Sentences 29 NAME Review Sentence Types All sentences begin with a capital letter and end with an end mark. Statements are sentences that tell. A statement ends with a period. The space shuttle will land at noon. REVIEW Questions are sentences that ask. A question ends with a question mark.

Amit put the keys on the hook. Hannah named the kitten Molly. Complete It Complete each sentence below. Write each name in parentheses ( ). Remember to capitalize the names of people and pets. 1. ______________ (cassie’s) favorite food is corn on the cob. 2. ______________ (omar) loves olives and oranges. 3. ______________ (peter’s) pet parakeet, ______________ (prudence), eats peanuts. 4. Apples and almonds are ______________ (amy’s) favorite foods. 5. ______________ (bradley’s) bunny, ______________ (boris), eats beets.

8 Exclamation Points Complete It Read the sentences below. One sentence in each pair should end with a period. One should end with an exclamation point. Add the correct end marks. 1. I went to the Bellview Fair__ I had the best time__ 2. I played a game called Toss the Ring__ I won four stuffed animals__ 3. All the sheep escaped from their pen__ It did not take the farmers long to catch them, though__ 4. I ate a snow cone and some cotton candy__ The cotton candy got stuck in my hair__ Try It Think about an exciting place you have been.

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