Download PDF by Jon A. Franco, Alazne Landa, Juan Martín: Grammatical Analyses in Basque and Romance Linguistics:

By Jon A. Franco, Alazne Landa, Juan Martín

ISBN-10: 9027236933

ISBN-13: 9789027236937

This quantity includes fifteen articles on present theoretical concerns in Basque and Romance linguistics. even if Basque and Romance languages are typologically assorted and feature varied genetic origins, a thousand years of coexistence have proven convinced parallelisms of their respective grammars. it truly is Mario Saltarelli that first provided a proper linguistic account of phonological and syntactic phenomena that take place in those language teams. hence, this compilation of articles in either Basque and Romance linguistics not just can pay tribute to Saltarelli‘s paintings through acknowledging his formalization of this relational perception, but in addition contains state-of-the-art study on languages with robust geographical and historic kinship.Fifteen reviewed articles written through 16 best students within the box supply clean analyses of lengthy status difficult phenomena in Romance and Basque linguistics reminiscent of geminates, the evolution of Basque plosives, clitic doubling, clitic clustering, directionality of clitization, the position of contract, concentration, the interplay of voice and element, unaccusativity, semantic interpretation and syntactic constitution of Determiner words, obviation, keep watch over, and anaphoric and pronominal binding. This number of issues although is unified via restricting the contributions to the 4 significant formal components of linguistics, and to 1 unmarried framework, Generative Grammar, even though in a few of its many incarnations equivalent to Minimalism, Optimality concept, and Relational Grammar. All this, in addition to the variety of languages coated by way of the authors (Aragonese, Basque, Catalan, French, Galician, Gascon, Italian and plenty of of its dialects (Ligurian, Piedmontese, Tuscan...), Classical and overdue Latin, Occitan, Brazilian and ecu Portuguese, Romanian, previous and smooth Spanish between others), makes the booklet of significant price to any linguist operating in Romance or Basque linguistics.

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Also published in Noam Chomsky. 1995. The Minimalist Program. 167-217. : MIT Press. 1995. The Minimalist Program. : MIT Press. Lasnik, Howard. 1992. "Case and Expletives: Notes toward a Parametric Account". 381 -405. 1995. "Case and Expletives Revisited: On Greed and Other Human Failings". Linguistic Inquiry 26. 615-633. Rivero, María Luisa. 1992. "Adverb Incorporation and the Syntax of Adverbs in Modern Greek". Linguistics and Philosophy 15. 289-331. Suñer, Margarita. 1994. "V-Movement and the Licensing of Argumentai řFTz-Phrases in Spanish".

I use the two terms interchangeably throughout this paper. HECTOR CAMPOS 26 (8) a. Ha sido-puestoj [PassP [un libro]i tj [VP tj ti sobre la mesa]] Has been-putj [passP [a book]i tj [VP tj ti on the table]] b. Fue-puesto Was-putj [passp [ libro]i tj [VP tj ti sobre [passP [a book]i tj [VP tj ti on la mesa]] the table]] I willfirstshow that the passive auxiliary and the past participle form a unit. I will then explore why this should be so in Spanish, but not in English. 2. The Spanish passive auxiliary and the past participle as a complex verbal unit It can be shown that the passive auxiliary and the past participle form a unit when there is a partitive NP.

IP His mother likes [which of the twins] best] b. [CP [which of the twins] does [IP his mother like [which of the twins] best]] c. [CP [which [t (one) of the twins]] does [IP his mother like [which [t (one) of the twins]] best]] d. [CP [which] does [IP his mother like [t (one) of the twins]] best]] (22a) is the structure prior to movement. (22b) is the output of the copy component of wh-movement. (22c) is obtained by "an operation akin to QR" (Chomsky 1995:203), and (22d) results from two complementary deletion processes: everything but the operator is deleted in Spec of CP, and the operator is deleted in the original position of the wh-phrase.

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