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By Vinay Lal, Borin Van Loon

ISBN-10: 1848318804

ISBN-13: 9781848318809

"Introducing Hinduism" deals a advisor to the most important philosophical, literary, mythological and cultural traditions of this terribly diversified religion. It untangles the complexities of Hinduism's gods and goddesses, its caste method and its perspectives on intercourse, daily life and asceticism. This paintings solutions questions together with: Why do Hindus revere the cow? needs to Hindus be vegetarian? and lots more and plenty more...

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2 It will be useful to consider these texts as contributing to and significantly constituting the “cumulative tradition” of Caitanyaite Vaiñëavism. That is to say, following Wilfred Cantwell Smith (1978: 156–7), these texts partake of that aspect of religious phenomena that can be viewed by anyone, including outsiders to a tradition, as crucial contributors to the continuity of the tradition over time. In this chapter we will see how vidhi and räga, the two conceptions interwoven throughout these texts, situate formal worship of images (arcana) as both a means of expressing and confirming cosmic/divine order and a 15 E M BODI E D T R UT H process of individual and community transformation.

The practitioner is “constantly afflicted by a stream of tears arising from intense longing” (autkaëöhya-bäñpa-kalayä muhur ardyamänaù). Thus the image of quietude evinced by the rather inactive form of Viñëu (he stands, sits, or reclines on the lotus of the yogé’s heart, glances, and smiles, as Lakñmé massages his feet) is contraposed by the emotionally overwhelmed yogé – hardly the state of unperturbed aloofness one expects from the Upaniñadic meditator. 35). More remotely but still worth noting, the passage echoes the Ågvedic Puruña-sükta in describing a human-like figure and details about its limbs.

1998: 207), and the communal or familial context of sacrifice becomes challenged by an extra-societal trajectory of individuals seeking their own liberation. The drama of sacrifice turns from the dangers and uncertainties of ritual performance for instatement or reinstatement of cosmic equilibrium (Mahony 1998: 125–36) or the sacrificer’s ascent to heaven (B. K. Smith 1998: 104–12) to the dramatic struggle of the individual meditator overcoming sensory passions and mental distractions in order to gain knowledge of brahman.

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