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By Dennis Waite

ISBN-10: 2351181778

ISBN-13: 9782351181775

Ce livre présente l'advaita vedânta de manière claire et obtainable à tous. Coeur de los angeles philosophie non-duelle et de los angeles spiritualité de l'Inde, l'advaita vedânta s'appuie sur les textes sacrés que sont les Upanishads et sur les écrits de nombreux penseurs comme Shankara (ville siècle), le Platon indien. Qu'est-ce que l'advaita ? remark devrions-nous agir ? Qu'est-ce qui est réel, qu'est-ce qui est phantasm ? Pourquoi l. a. connaissance du Soi est-elle si importante ? Ne suis-je que ce corps et cet esprit ? Qui suis-je ? L'univers a-t-il été créé ? remark " devenir illuminé " ? L'auteur nous révèle les réponses que l'immense et profonde spiritualité de l'Inde a donné à ces questions.

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Naturally, therefore, the cleverest boys are not drawn towards that profession. But really the office of the teacher is the most sacred and the most important to the nation, because it builds the characters of the boys and girls who will be its future citizens. In olden days this office was thought so holy that only priests were teachers and the school was a part of the temple. In India the trust in the teacher was so great that the parents gave over their sons completely to him for many years, and teacher and students lived together as a family.

The Master points out that while "there must be no laziness, but constant activity in good work ... " The teacher has, however, a special duty in this connection; for while he must offer to his boys every opportunity for development along their own lines, and must be careful not to check their growth or to force it in an unsuitable direction, he is bound to guide them very carefully, to watch them very closely, and, as Master has said, to tell them gently of their faults. The teacher is in charge of his boys while they are in school, and must, while they are there, take the place of their parents.

The short religious service referred to in an early part of this little book should be attended by teachers as well as students, and should act as a kind of door to shut out such undesirable feelings. Then both teachers and students would devote their whole energies to the creation of a happy school, to which all should look forward in the morning, and which all should be sorry to leave at the end of the school day. The lack of control of temper, it must be remembered, often leads to injustice on the part of the teacher, and therefore to sullenness and want of confidence on the boy, and no boy can make real progress, or be in any real sense happy, unless he has complete confidence in the justice of his elders.

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