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Oracle9i Database thoughts comprises info that describes the performance of the Oracle9i (also referred to as the normal variation) and the Oracle9i firm version items. Oracle9i and Oracle9i company version have an identical uncomplicated good points. besides the fact that, a number of complex beneficial properties can be found purely with the company variation, and a few of those are not obligatory. for instance, to exploit program failover, you need to have the firm variation with the true software Clusters choice.

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For example, if a user queries some data that is not already in the database buffers of the system global area, the associated server process reads the proper data blocks from the datafiles into the system global area. Oracle can be configured to vary the number of user processes for each server process. In a dedicated server configuration, a server process handles requests for a single user process. A shared server configuration lets many user processes share a small number of server processes, minimizing the number of server processes and maximizing the use of available system resources.

A single view can also be used to create a join, which is a display of related columns or rows in multiple tables. However, the view hides the fact that this data actually originates from several tables. Present the data in a different perspective from that of the base table. For example, views provide a means to rename columns without affecting the tables on which the view is based. Store complex queries. For example, a query can perform extensive calculations with table information. By saving this query as a view, the calculations are performed only when the view is queried.

1), permits specification of up to five nonstandard block sizes. A database uses and allocates free database space in Oracle data blocks. See Also: "Nonstandard Block Sizes" on page 4-13 for information about using nonstandard block sizes Extents The next level of logical database space is called an extent. An extent is a specific number of contiguous data blocks, obtained in a single allocation, used to store a specific type of information. Segments The level of logical database storage above an extent is called a segment.

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