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In the 1990’s the Yapese Department of Education’s vernacular language program increased the number of printed primers and texts of the area’s four official indigenous languages (Yapese, Ulithian, Woleaian, and Satawalese). Currently, Satawalese DOE specialists develop and disseminate primers and texts for the Satawal elementary school using the Tiucheimal orthography. A basic vernacular curriculum for grades 1-6 was completed in June 2003. and w extensively in their descriptions and examples of Woleaian, Puluwatese, and Satawalese.

English examples abound in popular culture, as these new words and acronyms attest: flickr, iPod, and Xbox, “TMI” (‘too much information’), OIC (‘Oh, I see’) L8r (‘later’) and MPEG (‘Moving Pictures Experts Group’). I observed an interesting innovation in Satawalese orthography involving personal names and the letters l and n. '4'-], or a Satawalese woman pronounces her name Nemoinug, but writes it Lemoilug. B37C6,'-/. Note here that the geminate r is written as ch. I am uncertain why this occurs in Satawalese.

Two older Satawalese speakers had never heard nor seen Quackenbush’s example. ’ The grapheme l appears word medially and finally in some of the entries contained in the Satawalese Word list, but there is no entry for L as there is with G. I suspect the entries written with l are pronounced as [n]. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some speakers perceive Satawalese to be more Chuukic-like, and Lamotrekese more like Woleaian in terms of phonology and lexicon. One consultant went so far as to say that he noticed west side residents of Satawal Island used /l/ more consistently in speech (following Woleaian), while speakers on the east side closer to Chuuk used the consonant /n/ consistently (following Chuukese).

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