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By Jaideva Singh, Paul Muller-Ortega

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It is a lengthy remark on a quick Tantra. the most authoritative and commemorated texts in Kashmir Shaivism, it bargains with the character of final fact and with tools of attention targeting the speculation and perform of Mantra. Abhinavagupta offers his metaphysics of language, of the area (Vak), and its relation to realization. He calls it 'the instructing of the key of the Trika doctrine.'

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I t is defined as ‘idantdtmakarp, vtiodbhdsam ahantdtmani purndbhasc satjisthdnani*— the entire objective manifestation appear­ ing as ‘this’ abiding in the full blaze of perfect I-consciousness of the divine’. T he kauliki siddhi comes when the fragment returns to the whole, the perfect I-consciousness. T he objective pheno­ m ena then appear as a ray of the noumenal Light. 8. e. anvaya or positive proof. e. it is th at 36 Parâ- Triêikà- Vivarana where in the absence of one, the absence of the other also occurs.

An inquiry about the purpose of purpose is uncalled for. 6 N o tes 1. , there are five aspects, viz. , there are also five aspects, viz. udyoga, auabh&sa, carvandy bijdoasthapanay and vildpana. Here accor­ ding to three-fold classification, pidhdna and anugraha have been included in sarj\hdray and bijavasthdpana and vildpana are included i n carvand for the sake of uniformity. 2. This book is not available now. 3. M ukti or liberation does not mean deliverance from the categories of existence but rather identity with the essential nature of Bhairava or in other words w ith the perfect I-consdousness which is the essential nature of one’s own Self.

Bhdvand in a general sense includes dhdrand (concentra­ tion), dhydna (m editation), samddhi (absorption); in a specific sense, it means creative contemplation. 15. Karana is one of the dnava updyas in which the aspirant contemplates over the body and the nervous system as an epitome of the cosmos. 16. d . He wrote Sivadr§fi> and a commentary on Paratrisika which is not available now. He was the great-grand-teacher of Abhinavagupta. 17. T he entire objective manifestation exists in anuttara as a form of Consciousness or vimaria.

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