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2 and for gas engines h = 3 to 5. 7. The piston pumping volume during the preexpansion process After the computation has been accomplished and the coordinates of points z and z' obtained, the computed lines of combustion are approximated to the actual lines. For engine operating by a cycle with heat added at constant volume (see Fig. 85 p,. The position of point f dependent on the duration of ignition delay is determined by angle A n varying within the limits 5-18 degrees of the crankshaft angle.

The compressor can be driven mechanically, directly by the engine crankshaft, or with the aid of gases, by a gas turbine powered by the exhaust gases of a piston engine. g. due to the so called inertia supercharging. With the inertia supercharging and supercharging from a mechanically driven compressor the flow of theoretical cycles (see Fig. 1) does not change. 1). Note, that in a real engine some power is used to drive the compressor. I n the case of gas turbine supercharging, the engine becomes a combined unit including a piston portion, a gas turbine and a compressor.

5Q, = = 42 IlfJikmole. I n this case the values of pressure increase h and preexpansion ratio p continuously vary, depending on the change in compression ratio E . The nature of changes in the thermal efficiency and mean effective pressure of the cycle, however, is much the same as that of changes in the associated parameters of the cycle with heat added a t V constant (see the curves with subscripts I and V in Fig. 8a, b); (2) a t all values of compression ratio, the pressure increase h is preserved constant and equal to 2.

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