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By Mercedes Tubino Blanco

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This monograph stories problems with present minimalist main issue, comparable to even if changes within the expression of argument and syntactic constitution can all be attributed to the parameterization of particular useful heads. specifically, this e-book experiences in-depth the level to which edition within the expression of causation, on hand either intra- and crosslinguistically, could be accounted for via attractive in simple terms to the microparameterization of the causative head, reason, as formerly argued for via linguists similar to Pylkk?nen. It concludes that the microparameterization of reason might clarify a few significant features linked to causatives, however it can't be considered as the single rationalization in the back of edition in those buildings. The booklet comprises proper dialogue on argument constitution and appears intimately at languages, corresponding to the Uto-Aztecan Hiaki, that experience no longer obtained a lot recognition ahead of. it really is regularly meant for an viewers attracted to theoretical techniques to argument constitution and version.

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15 (22) Light verbs with phonological realization VP V take NP a shower In (22), the NP a shower is used predicatively by virtue of being the complement of the light verb take that is responsible for the event syntax and semantics of the complex (the complex predicate is understood as an event). 16 Light verbs do not only combine with non-verbal elements. g. make) as a light verb. These analyses generally assume that the (structurally lower) lexical verb incorporates to the (structurally higher) light verb, thus forming the complex construction.

The chair broke, non-causative) ‘(i) Mary caused the chair to break, (ii) #The chair broke on Mary’ b. Japanese adversity causative Taroo-ga musuko-o sin-ase-ta Taro-n son-a die-cause-past ‘(i) Taro caused his son to die (ii) Taro’s son died on him (to Taro’s grief)’ c. g. Mary). g. reading (ii)). â•… Different authors label differently the functional head involved in causatives. Pylkkänen (1999, 2002, 2008) uses the label ‘Cause’ for this head. Other authors such as Harley (1995, 2008), Folli & Harley (2003, 2007) use vCAUSE to refer to this same head.

That is, according to this author, causative structures vary across languages in whether they obligatorily require the syntactic presence of a causer or not. She places the locus of this variation in the internal properties of the causativizing element Cause, more particularly, its parameterization regarding its interaction with the syntactic element Voice, the head responsible for the introduction of external arguments. Section 4 discusses Pylkkänen’s implementation of this relationship as well as its impact on both the form and meaning of causatives across languages.

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